Tips for a healthy dog

Now that spring is here, our animal friends can enjoy the sun and the outdoors.

Now that spring is here, our animal friends can enjoy the sun and the outdoors. Since our pets love being outside, we decided to share some tips to ensure the well-being of your beloved dog.

  •   Hazardous foods

Even if you love spoiling your dog by giving him all kinds of things to eat, there are some foods that you absolutely must avoid. The first to avoid is chocolate. It is very toxic for the heart and the nervous system and can cause death. Fish bones and chicken bones, which can tear their stomachs. The raw potato, containing solanine, can cause serious digestive disorders. Garlic and onions can damage the blood cells and cause anemia. And finally, avocados contain pepsin that damages the heart and lungs.

  • Vaccinations

This is the best solution to effectively protect one's companion against viral diseases. As a pet owner, it is your duty to watch over his health and thus to vaccinate him on a yearly basis. By keeping your pup vaccinated, you will avoid multiple problems.

  • Get rid of parasites

The parasites are full of unpleasant surprises, whether internal or external. That's why it's important to quickly get rid of them on an infested dog. There are many solutions shampoos, sprays, necklaces... It's up to you to find the solution that best fits your pet.

  • Calming barking

A dog that barks is perfectly normal, however when it is abusing it can very quickly become disturbing. For that, you must be able to teach him when he should or should not do it. A spray from a water gun or abrupt noise can usually help when training your dog to ignore distractions... Find the method that will allow you to teach your dog to bark wisely. 

  • Bathroom training

Even if your animal is well trained, most dogs still mark their territory. If your male dog is hiking his leg at inopportune moments, you may look into having your dog neutered. However, there are other solutions like a pheromone diffuser necklaces that can sooth the dog. Keeping a good eye on your pup to redirect bad behavior is key to a well-behaved companion!



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